Larry Hama’s Wolverine: Patch Miniseries Takes Logan Back To Madripoor

After revisiting his classic Wolverine run in September’s X-Men Legends #7, Larry Hama will keep riding the nostalgia wave into 2022 with another title that brings the clawed mutant back to some familiar stomping grounds. In just a few months, Hama will team up with artist Andrea di Vito on Wolverine: Patch, a new limited series that takes place before Hama assumed writing duties on Logan’s solo book in the 1990s.

As the title suggests, the series finds Logan still operating under his “Patch” alias on the island of Madripoor. Chris Claremont and John Buscema previously introduced this persona when they relaunched Marvel’s Wolverine book in 1988. However, Hama’s upcoming story promises to add some shocking new revelations to the mix. When a “simple recon mission” for Patch and his friend Archie Corrigan goes south, the pair find themselves caught in a paramilitary struggle that brings a few fan-favorite characters out of the woodwork. Readers can also expect an appearance by Nick Fury, giving us “two patches for the price of one!”

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Hama shared new details about the book while speaking with Lucky for him, it doesn’t sound like writing the series posed much of a challenge.

“It was like coming home again,” said Hama. “I was totally immersed in the Wolverine universe for 8 years, so I feel very comfortable when I return to it.”

Wolverine: Patch #1 hits comic shops sometime in March 2022. You can view Geoff Shaw’s cover for the issue and two pages of artwork in the gallery below.

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