Larry Hama Revisits His Wolverine Run in X-Men Legends This Fall

Throughout the ‘90s, Larry Hama set a bold new standard for Wolverine with several action-packed stories. Now, Marvel is giving him the chance to revisit his classic run in the pages of X-Men Legends #7. Hama will preside over a new Wolverine story that revisits his original run.

For this latest adventure, Hama will be joined by Billy Tan, who also the cover artist on Hama’s Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon series. Their story pairs Wolverine with Jubilee as they travel to Japan to uncover the mystery behind two missing mutants. Along the way, they will find themselves in the crosshairs of Lady Deathstrike in the Hand, who have their own intentions for the heroic duo.

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Marvel previously launched X-Men Legends back in February. The series has also allowed several fan-favorite creators to return and flesh out storylines from yesteryear. Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza teamed up with artist Brett Booth for a new story featuring Adam-X. A subsequent story also had Walt and Louise Simonson revisiting an unexplored plot thread from their X-Factor run in the ‘80s.

X-Men Legends #7 hits comic shops sometime in September.

You can check out Tan’s cover for the upcoming issue below. Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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