Luke Cage: City of Fire Brings Harlem’s Hero Back Into the Fold

It’s been more than three years since Luke Cage headlined his own comic book. But later this year, Marvel’s bulletproof hero for hire is coming back in a big way. The House of Ideas has shared new details for Luke Cage: City of Fire, a brand new three-issue miniseries arriving this fall.

City of Fire is the Marvel debut of Ho Che Anderson, who previously garnered praise as the writer and artist behind King: A Comics Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. The series finds Luke facing a handful of new threats, including the police after a crooked cop guns down a Black man in his community. But there’s also the matter of a new band of criminals known as the Regulators, who begin terrorizing the denizens of New York. It isn’t long before Luke crosses paths with Daredevil, who wants to stomp out the Regulators by any means necessary. However, Mayor Wilson Fisk wants to use the group for his own nefarious purposes.

The series will notably pair Anderson with a revolving cast of artists, each of whom will pencil a different issue. Farid Karami will handle the artwork for City of Fire #1, while Ray-Anthony Height will take over with issue #2. Finally, Sean Damien Hill will illustrate the final issue.

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“I can’t express how excited I am to be doing a project with Marvel, and about the level of talent they’ve lined up to work on it with me,” said Anderson in a statement. “I have been given the freedom to explore a subject I’m so passionate about through the lens of characters I’ve loved since I was a kid, and I fully intend to work overtime to make sure the results are worthy of the trust I’ve been granted. Fortunately, the heavy lifting will be accomplished by my incredible collaborators who’ll make me look better than I am!”

Luke Cage: City of Fire #1 hits comic shops in October. You can check out Taurin Clarke’s cover for the first issue below.

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