Marvel’s Heroes Fight for New York City in ‘Gang War’ Trailer

Marvel Comics has revealed an official trailer for the fast-approaching “Gang War” crossover event.

Revealed at New York Comic Con 2023, the “Gang War” trailer sees Spider-Man rally his fellow heroes in an effort to stop New York’s super-gangs from tearing the city apart. With the Big Apple on the line, Spidey and his amazing friends have a mere two days to take down the likes of the Kingpin, Black Mariah, Hammerhead, the Hobgoblin, Mr. Negative and many more.

Check out the official trailer for Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War below:

In addition to the trailer, Marvel has revealed new cover art for the “Gang War” event — including John Romita Jr.‘s covers for Amazing Spider-Man #41-43 and Pablo Villalobos’ cover for the newly announced Jackpot #1. The House of Ideas has also announced that Spider-Boy will star in a new arc of Spider-Man Unlimited by Preeti Chhibber and E.J. Su — which kicks off with issue #19 in January.


  • Written by ZEB WELLS
  • Art and Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
  • On Sale 1/3
  • GANG WAR continues in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #41 as the former Kingpin of Crime enters the fray! With all of New York’s super underworld fighting for dominance, you didn’t think Wilson Fisk would sit it out, did you? 


  • Written by ZEB WELLS
  • Art and Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
  • On Sale 1/17
  • Then, in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #42, the Beetle has stepped up in her father’s absence, and she’s become a very different Janice Lincoln. She’s smart, dangerous and ready to take the big chair. With Spider-Man and others distracted by Kingpin, she just might do it.


  • On Sale 1/17
  • Mary Jane makes a gamble on and joins the conflict herself in JACKPOT #1! On sale in January, this special GANG WAR one-shot is written by Celeste Bronfman, who began Mary Jane’s journey as Jackpot in a backup story in the recent AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, and drawn by Joey Vazquez.
  • Always bet on red and pick up Mary Jane’s first solo story since her super hero debut as Jackpot! New York City is in chaos as the super-powered criminal gangs are at war, and it’s all hands on deck! It’s a baptism by fire, but, come on, this is Mary Jane. What CAN’T she handle?!


  • Written by ZEB WELLS
  • Art and Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
  • On Sale 2/14
  • The final fight of GANG WAR begins in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #43 with the biggest and most brutal battle in Spider-Man history, so batten your hatches! If you thought you knew what Madame Masque or Hobgoblin or Beetle or Diamondback was capable of, THINK AGAIN!
Spider-Man Unlimited promo art

‘Gang War’ kicks off at Marvel this year

“Spinning out of the pages of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s hit run of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, GANG WAR kicks off when an epic super villain conflict erupts between the crimelords of New York City … As they battle for supremacy, Spider-Man rallies his own gang of super heroes to take down all super crime in just 48 hours!” Marvel explains. “Spidey’s hand-picked team of heroes includes fellow Spider-Man Miles Morales, She-Hulk, Daredevil, Spider-Woman, and Luke Cage, and their missions, victories, and defeats will be told across various tie-in issues and limited series.”

“Gang War: First Strike” begins in Amazing Spider-Man #37 on Wednesday, November 8. The “Gang War” event kicks off proper in Amazing Spider-Man #39 on Wednesday, December 6.