DC’s Batman/Fortnite Sequel One-Shot Special is Coming Later This Year

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point!

The Dark Knight’s Fortnite adventures continue in a new standalone story arriving later this year. Following the recent conclusion of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, DC will pick up where that six-issue miniseries left off in Batman/Fortnite One-Shot.

While Zero Point showed Batman and several other DC superheroes invading the world of Fortnite, the upcoming 48-page special will have a number of Fortnite characters making their way over to Gotham City. As the ending of Zero Point revealed, the dimensional rift that bridged these two universes in the first place was created by Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, The Batman Who Laughs, and Fortnite mainstay Doctor Slone. The final issue also depicted Deathstroke opening up a brand new rift behind The Daily Planet building in Metropolis.

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Zero Point scribe Christos Gage is returning to write the one-shot with input from Epic Games’ worldwide creative director Donald Mustard. Additionally, longtime Batman writer Scott Snyder is contributing to the story as well, with Joshua Hixson handling the artwork. Snyder’s frequent collaborator, Greg Capullo, is also providing the issue’s primary cover with inks from Jonathan Glapion. This one-shot will also include a digital code for Fortnite players to unlock a new skin in the game.

Batman/Fortnite One-Shot hits comic shops on Tuesday, October 26.

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