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Batman Writer Scott Snyder Addresses His Future With DC

Despite his current deal with ComiXology, acclaimed Batman writer Scott Snyder is confident he’ll do more work for the Distinguished Competition relatively soon.

Snyder addressed his future with DC during a recent interview with AIPT Comics. “I love DC, and I’m sure I’ll go back and do more superhero stuff sometime in the near future,” the writer said. “But every year, I really fought for a carve-out for a creator-owned series amidst my exclusive contract. I would get it and then I never used it. We did it one year with Wytches.”

Scott Snyder’s DC legacy

Snyder began his career as a comic book writer in the mid 2000s, even doing some work for Marvel Comics before too long. However, it was in early 2010 that he truly rose to prominence with the release of his creator-owned series American Vampire. The title was published under DC’s now-defunct Vertigo Comics imprint.

In late 2010, Snyder took over as the writer of the Batman-led Detective Comics, DC’s namesake. This marked the start of his exclusive deal with the publisher. In 2011, he also began writing DC’s main Batman series as part of the New 52 relaunch. Snyder’s run on Batman featured some truly iconic additions to the eponymous character’s mythos, such as the “Death of the Family” story arc and the villainous group known as the Court of Owls.

Snyder’s other DC work includes titles like Swamp Thing and Justice League, not to mention additional Batman stories. To that end, Snyder is well known for being the writer behind DC’s Dark Nights: Metal event series, which he launched in 2017 alongside artist and frequent collaborator Greg Capullo. In 2019, Snyder and Capullo launched a follow-up series, Dark Nights: Death Metal.

In 2021, Snyder inked a deal with the Amazon-owned ComiXology to produce a slew of digital-first, creator-owned comics. Such titles include We Have Demons, Clear, and Night of the Ghoul. His other creator-owned comics include Image Comics titles like Nocterra, Undiscovered Country, and the aforementioned Wytches.