Marvel’s Darkhawk is Getting a New Comic Book Series This Summer

Three decades ago, writer Tom DeFalco and artist Mike Manley brought Darkhawk into the Marvel Universe. But now, Chris Powell is passing his amulet to a new teenage hero, and readers will get to meet him in Darkhawk #1 later this year.

Marvel previously celebrated the character’s 30th anniversary back in March with its Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk one-shot. In that issue, Chris appeared to sacrifice himself to save the universe from a mysterious cosmic enemy. Stepping up to the plate in his absence is Connor Young, a 17-year-old basketball prodigy who dreams of a career in the NBA. Unfortunately, his life takes a dramatic left turn when he’s diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But Chris finds his saving grace when he discovers the same amulet that allowed Chris to switch bodies with a powerful android. With this, he takes up his predecessor’s mantle, this time sporting new armor designed by Pepe Larraz.

The new Darkhawk series comes from writer Kyle Higgins and artist Juanan Ramírez. Higgins previously helped launch Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman series last year. And in an interview with IGN, he revealed that Darkhawk will feature a similar Tokusatsu influence.

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“My approach to the mantle and the book in general comes from the same place that some of my other recent superhero work comes from: building something new and contemporary, while staying respectful to what’s come before,” added Higgins. “And, to stay true to the spirit of the concept, pushing it in ways that take full advantage of its potential. Hopefully, when it comes to Darkhawk, we’ll be taking the body-swapping-with-an-android-but-still-controlling-it-with-your-consciousness-despite-not-being-genetically-compatible, in some pretty different new directions.”

Darkhawk #1 hits comic shops in August. You can view Iban Coello’s cover for the series’ first issue below.

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