DC Announces New Details For the Milestone Media Relaunch

Six months after announcing the revival of the Milestone Media line at DC FanDome, DC has finally revealed new details about the return of Static, Icon, and more. Beginning February 26, readers will be able to get a new taste of the imprint’s long-term plans for the Dakotaverse. On that day, DC will digitally release Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0. And later this year, the imprint will launch its “Milestone Mondays” initiative with a new digital-first Static miniseries.

Milestone Returns #0 was originally released during the DC FanDome Hall of Heroes event in September. However, the issue was only available to read for 24 hours. This new extended version adds 24 pages of new material courtesy of writer Reginald Hudlin and artists Denys Cowan (also a Milestone co-founder), Nikolas Draper-Ivey, and Bill Sienkiewicz, to name a few. Additionally, fans can expect a new re-telling of the “Big Bang” event that gave several Dakotaverse characters their powers. The issue will also introduce the creative teams behind Milestone’s upcoming series of digital comics.

“Since the FanDome panel, Reggie, Denys, and our editorial team have been working incredibly hard to bring this new Milestone to life,” said DC publisher and CCO Jim Lee in a statement. “It’s been exciting to see fresh and contemporary takes on the Dakota universe coming together; I think that both new fans and old will be pleased with the results.”

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Static will kick off Milestone’s digital-first slate on Monday, April 12. In June, the imprint will premiere a new Icon & Rocket miniseries, followed by a Hardware miniseries in August. Each of these titles will run for six issues apiece. Hudlin and Cowan are also working with DC on a new Earth M line of comics. Under this banner, the pair will revisit Duo from the original Milestone Returns one-shot.

Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0 will also hit comic shops on May 25. You can check out the issue’s cover below.

Are you looking forward to reading new Milestone adventures later this year? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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