DC Universe Releases New Stargirl Premiere Photos

A brand new batch of photos from the upcoming Stargirl premiere has made its way online. DC Universe is pumping up the fans with freshly released materials even though the show will debut in three weeks. Judging from some of the photos, Courtney didn’t seem too psyched about her new life in Nebraska.

But little she knows, because Fate had greater and more exciting things in store for her. After receiving Starman’s Cosmic Staff, Courtney’s life will change completely. As the new leader of the Justice Society of America, the blonde protagonist will lock horns with the villainous members of the Injustice Society in the attempt to save the Earth and her family.

You can check the new Stargirl premiere images in the gallery below.

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Glen Winter will direct the Stargirl premiere from a story by Geoff Johns. The official synopsis of “Stargirl” reads as follows:

“In the series premiere episode, Courtney’s seemingly perfect life in Los Angeles gets upended with a move to Blue Valley, Nebraska with her mother Barbara (AMY SMART), stepfather Pat Dugan (LUKE WILSON) and stepbrother Mike (TRAE ROMANO), and she finds herself struggling to adapt to her new town and high school. But when Courtney discovers that Pat is harboring a major secret about his past, she ultimately becomes the unlikely inspiration for a new generation of Super Heroes.”

Character creator Geoff Johns will write and produce the series through his Mad Ghost Productions banner together with Greg Berlanti and Berlanti Productions.

The upcoming Stargirl series will premiere on Monday, May 18 on DC Universe. Then The CW will reshow the premiere on Tuesday, May 19. How do you think about the Stargirl premiere photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.