Exclusive Preview: Batman #74

Years ago, Bane defeated Batman and broke his back. Now, Bane has broken Batman’s spirit as well. Through his complex machinations, Bane has taken over Gotham City and driven Bruce Wayne to brink of madness. He was even pulling the strings of both Batman and Catwoman to prevent their wedding from happening. For his final trick, Bane has given Batman to Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father from the Flashpoint timeline.

On his world, Thomas was the only Batman, and his wife, Martha, was the Joker. In the DC Universe, Thomas sided with Bane in order to force Bruce to relinquish the mantle of Batman. However, Thomas’ plans are even more twisted than Bane’s. Thomas has dragged Bruce out into a distant land to find a Lazarus Pit so he can resurrect Bruce’s mother, Martha.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview from Batman #74, Tom King and artist Mikel Janin bring Bruce and Thomas closer to the Lazarus Pit. Soon enough, Bruce will have to face his father if he wants to make his escape. And only one Batman will emerge as the victor…

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Here’s the official description from DC: “‘The Fall and the Fallen’ concludes with a father-and-son showdown. Flashpoint Batman reveals his fiendish reasoning for dragging Batman into the desert, and who is in the coffin they’ve been dragging along with them. But is this a step too far? It’s Bruce Wayne versus Thomas Wayne for the right to wear the cowl, and all of Gotham City hangs in the balance!”

Batman #74 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, July 10. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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