DC Universe Shares New Swamp Thing Behind-the-Scenes Video

After the surprising reports that Swamp  Thing has been cancelled after a single season, DC Universe has yet to confirm its fate on social media. Instead, they’ve decided to continue promoting the series with a behind-the-scenes video. You can check it out via Twitter below.

Executive producers James Wan, Mark Verheiden, and Gary Dauberman are among those who describe the series to newcomers in the featurette. However, they’re also quick to point out that there’s more to the show than its scary visuals.

“Swamp Thing is a character who’s not just a monster,” said Verheiden. “Swamp Thing is a character who is torn between his worst instincts and his best instincts.”

“It’s a story about looking beneath the surface and seeing someone for who they are,” added Wan.

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The producers also explain how the show’s horror elements set it apart from other comic adaptations and allow them more leeway when crafting the episodes.

“We’re allowed to push the envelope,” said Dauberman. “We can get graphic, we can get violent, we can get horrific. We can carry the scares as long as we want.”

Some of the producers’ comments now carry a depressing undertone given the series’ premature end. Rumors continue to abound as to why the show got the ax in the first place. According to IGN, the creators may have had disagreements over whether to portray Swamp Thing as an out-and-out horror show or as a weekly procedural series. There are also reports that North Carolina’s tax rebates may not have been as high as promised; which led DC Universe and/or Warner Bros. executives to pull the plug.

Swamp Thing will continue airing episodes every Friday until its season finale on August 2. You can share your thoughts on the new Swamp Thing video in the comment section below!

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