Marvel Gives Black Cat Her First Ongoing Comic Book Series

For the last few years, Felicia Hardy a.k.a. Black Cat has been at odds with Spider-Man. She re-embraced her criminal roots and even established herself as one of the top crime bosses in New York. More recently, Felicia reconciled with Spidey and they renewed their friendship. But it looks like Felicia will need every friend she can get in her upcoming comic book series.

Via, Marvel is launching its first ever Black Cat ongoing series. Jed MacKay and artist Travel Foreman are the creative team, and the series will spin out of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #16. That issue will further develop Felicia’s tense relationship with the Thieves’ Guild, which will set the stage for her new adventures.

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Here’s Marvel’s description for the first issue: “The Black Cat is back and starring in her first ever ongoing series! Felicia Hardy has a taste for the finer things in life and a certain set of skills that can get her into any mansion, vault or museum to… procure said finer things. But due to her actions in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Felicia’s not only on the run from the police but also by the New York Thieves’ Guild and their boss ODESSA DRAKE! High octane heists, climactic chases and twist after twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat like a cat on a perch. IN THIS ISSUE- Find out a secret from Cat’s past in a bonus story that sets a foundation for the future! All this and an all new MARVEL MEOW short story by Nao Fuji!”

Black Cat #1 will be released in June. You can see J. Scott Campbell’s cover below. Are you excited to read this series? Let us know in the comment section below!