Hero Chat Episode 6 – February 2, 2013


Kevin Feige recently said that they’re working hard to make a Doctor Strange film a part of Marvel’s Phase 3 slate. It joins Ant-Man as one of the confirmed movies, what other movies do we want to see in that bunch? Avengers 3 being a given.

Well we have to assume there will be a Thor and Cap 3 unless they want to give those characters a rest.

I doubt we’ll see those two if Guardians isn’t a success.

Eh, Guardians is a little more far out than Ant-Man.

Ant-Man just isn’t marketable as a stand alone movie. Doesn’t matter which way you cut it.

I can see Guardians impacting Doc Strange though.

I’d like to see Black Panther or Luke Cage… I think it’s time we had more African and African-American heroes on stage. Well get Falcon in Cap 2 of course.

And by the time Guardians hits, Ant-Man should be moving forward.

Ant-Man will get a good bump from Avengers 2 me thinks.

Yeah, Ant-Man actually will be started this year.

I’ll believe Ant-Man is happening when it goes into production.

That’s true, Silas. But Ant-Man is a little more “safe” than Doc Strange, I guess is what my argument was earlier.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get Heroes For Hire, blending Cage and Iron Fist.

I bet Ant-Man will be introduced in Avengers 2.

I agree.

Well, Doctor Strange could be all kinds of things.

I think Dr. Strange is a great choice actually. He hasn’t had a good non-animated movie and the right actor could make him the new Tony Stark.

I’d like to see Black Panther, for sure.

I’m still holding out hope for Daredevil.

A good Daredevil movie would be nice.

I suspect that the ultimate goal is to make the universe so diverse that fans don’t feel angry when Avengers sequels come along without, say, Iron Man in them.

Since Marvel got those rights back in October.

I think Phase 3 will be Cap 3, Thor 3, another team up movie outside Avengers, either Daredevil or Heroes/Hire and Avengers 3. That’s a lot of movies.


I have to be honest, I’m not too worried about Guardians. Marvel is making sure that the characters are all over the comics this year.

Exactly ^.

But the one I really, really, really want to see come back on the schedule… RUNAWAYS.

But it’s the non-comics fans they have to get into theaters.

Wasn’t Joss Whedon involved with that at one point? He wrote the comic so he might push for that.

That’s what I was thinking.

Yeah, although his arc was kind of awful.

Not for a three year spread out. Two – three movies a year is their goal.

They just need to make sure they make Guardians for under $80 million Not sure that’s possible with Marvel.

Not gonna happen.

No Ms. Marvel, anyone?

I think three a year would be pushing it.

It’s got a $125 mil budget.

Ryan, I bet we’ll see her in Avengers 2, as well. But a solo Ms. Marvel movie? That’s dangerous.

Maybe they’ll just let Dan Slott write a SHE-HULK comedy.

How far out do you think we are from Civil War? 2020?

It’s also dangerous to introduce too many character and to overuse the existing characters.

I think Civil War is inevitable.

I don’t. Not marketable to kids.

Ryan, I dunno… they seem to be staying away from specific comic book stories… Civil War would have to involve Spider-Man.

^^True true.

What’s not marketable to kids? Civil War? or Ms. Marvel?

I’d like to see a Daredevil film too, but my god I wish Carnahan would stop tweeting about “what could have been.” Because I would have loved to have seen his film.

Civil War. It’s one thing when kids play around fighting each other as different superheroes and its another when they beat the crap out of and kill each other on screen.

That’s a fair point.

Civil War was never really about superheroes killing each other. They fought, one group went into hiding cause they didn’t want to register.

Doesn’t matter. That’s the visual standpoint. You can’t have Captain America and Iron Man kicking the shit out of each other in the third act and expect kids to be ok with it.

Do you think we’ll inevitably see Fox / Disney merge their properties out of some creative necessity?

I mean, having a story where superheroes having to register and taking sides would be good storytelling.

I’d love to see TOY STORY IV: STAR WARS vs. MARVEL.

So there for that.

Ryan, I think Disney will use all the money they make from Avengers 2 and Star Wars EP7 to outright buy 20th Celntury Fox.

That’s what I see someone like Joss digging into – re: Civil War.

I don’t, Ryan. But I’d love to see a Pixar/Marvel movie. I see Disney buying DreamWorks when Spielberg retires.

Me too. There are plenty of properties that could take advantage of a Pixar/Marvel flick.

I’ve really liked the Pixar guys’ live action movies, John Carter and MI4… would love to see one of them tackle Dr. Strange. That’s going to be very FX heavy and having Pixar create the environments and creatures would be great

It’ll never happen, but they should totally give Dr. Strange to David Cronenberg 🙂

Bird for Heroes for Hire?

Jesus. Cronenberg.Tarantino for Heroes for Hire 🙂

I know Bendis is writing a Heroes for Hire book but is that a solid choice for a movie? I mean it could introduce Cage and Iron Fist (both whom have been in the cartoons) but who else?

No way, Cronenberg for Sleepwalker ya’ll hahaha. 

Sleepwalker… that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

My fanboy dream for Tarantino is to see him do an epic Samurai film with an all-Klingon cast.

Oh, Christ.

He opened KILL BILL with a Klingon proverb!

Tarantino doing a 1970’s R-rated Heroes for Hire movie would be epic. And I rarely use the word epic.

I think the chance of ever seeing another samurai movie after 47 Ronin is about 2%.

Seriously. Those posters looked abysmal. Actually that could be a good call, but I never see Marvel going R-rated.

I’m not even sure the chances of seeing 47 Ronin is that good!

Disney’s bottom line relies on toy sales.

No Darabont love for anything Marvel?

Who owns BLADE now?


I think Blade is Marvel.

I think Marvel has him back.

I want Brad Bird for Daredevil.

Set BLADE in the’ 70s. That would be brilliant.

That’s one character who I’m fine never seeing again. I’m shocked he ever got a movie, let alone 3 and I love the GDT one Going back to Phase 3…. 🙂

I’d like to see one more crack at The Punisher. One more. And if they screw it up…I’m done.

I’m with you on that though I love War Zone.

If they do a good Daredevil movie that open the door for Punisher, Blade, Morbius, etc supporting roles.

Marvel has said that the upcoming sequels won’t necessarily lead into Avengers 2 (we’ll probably have hints) but what should the purpose of Phase 3 be? Just do new characters?

Hah. War Zone was fun.

Ryan, NO MORE PUNISHER!!!!! in this day and age, Punisher should be retired.

He did Die in the Max universe.

Oh, I love War Zone and it’s manic, anything goes, “Let’s light this like an Italian horror movie” vibe. 

I’ve been reading Thunderbolts (going off topic) and even seeing Punisher in there annoys me.

My guess is that all of Phase 2 is designed to play up the universe’s cosmic scale.

Good guess ^.

Well, let me ask you…are audiences ready for the “cosmic” stuff?

Bingo! As I’ve said, I’m guessing at least one or more of the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in The Dark World.

Shot in the dark? I think Phase 3 will lead to The Korvac Saga. Guardians/Galaxy and Thanos taking place of FF and Galactus.

Ryan, I think so… I think it’s time and Guardians will add to that. I think we’ll see Kree/Skrull War first.

Well, our lead in is going to be Iron Man 3 and Thor, both of which it fits with.

Especially after the “space suit” rumors for Iron Man 3.

Lead in to what, Silas…”Cosmic”?

Thor is already doing outer space stuff… can’t say much more without breaking embargo 🙂

Well, we get a taste of the cosmic at the end of Avengers.

True, Silas.

Yeah, Thor and Avengers gave everyone a taste of the cosmic…

If I’m right about Iron Man 3, some of the tech will be Chitauri based. Although that is, admittedly, just a wild theory.

BTW, again going off topic but I’m very confused by the Avengers Assemble comic. Apparently, it’s in continuity?

But it was still grounded in human elements which the audiences responded to. Are they ready for full-on Ice Pirates shenanigans?

I thought they created a separate Marvel Movie Universe comic universe.

Sorry, didn’t mean to pull in Ice Pirates, but when I think “cosmic” I think bad VHS ’80s movies.

It’s in 616 continuity but not movie continuity.

Silas, that’s a really good guess re: Chitauri hardware. That stuff was left on earth. BTW, the Iron Man 3 prequel comic takes place before Avengers.

And Iron Man armor is, in the stills, called the Mark 47, so maybe it’s built out of Item 47.

Does anyone think there will ever be a Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Or are they being introduced to work with the Avengers in Avengers 2? Like in the comic.

I think it’s a one-off.

I’d bet on that happening.

So would I. You need to set up Thanos for regular people.

Silas, maybe Lizzy Kaplan will replace Robert Downey in Iron Man 4.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Thanos — directly or indirectly — kills Odin.

That won’t happen. I doubt we’ll see Thanos in Thor. We’re more likely to get an end credits thing in that movie and Guardians.

Somebody will probably kill Odin regardless.

I didn’t think Thanos was capable of that without the Guantlet.

Was’t the gauntlet in Odin’s vault?

I hope we’ll someday get to see how they cleaned up all those Chitauri corpses from the end of Avengers.

Pym Particles!

Someone needs to interview Anthony Hopkins… oh, wait… I already did that. Okay maybe for Red 2. Silas, so you’re saying that Ant-Man is being set up as the janitor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Honestly, I think we’ll get two Ant-Mans.


I hope so.

One is the Pym scientist and one is Scott Lang, the guy that has stolen the suit.

I got the impression from talking to Edgar and Joe over the years that it will fold in a lot of the mythology which is three or four Ant-Men. Silas, that sounds reasonable. And dammit, we better get The Wasp soon. She’s the easiest way to get women into these movies, she’s much more relatable than Black Widow.

That would suck. Pym is the only really interesting one. The rest are generic as all hell.

I talked to him years and years ago, like pre-Iron Man and he said that, at the time, the script opened in the ’60s with Pym, adapting “The Man in the Ant Hill.”

That idea was trashed though.

So that may have changed, but I really hope it still happens.

And then Marvel can do a “Sex and the City” like movie with Black Widow, the Wasp, Maria Hill and Pepper Potts.

I’d still watch that.

Also, Bruce Greenwood for Pym.

Too old!

Oooo good choice.

Way too old.

Because Pym will be old and Lang will be young.

And who, Bette Midler for Wasp?

“Get me a young Bruce Greenwood!”

Pym isn’t going to be old. They scrapped that 1960s movie idea years ago.

Pietro, why can’t they show the Marvel universe in the ’60s? Are we assuming there were no heroes before Tony Stark?

There was definitely Captain America 🙂

They said Cap was the first in the 1940s so there definitely could be more.


In the next segment, we discuss the recent casting rumors for James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy