Hero Chat Episode 3 – September 6, 2012

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Welcome back to Hero Chat, SuperHeroHype’s semi-regular readable podcast, where hopefully the third time’s… well, the third time. As always I’m here with my co-host, Mr. Spencer Perry. What do you have to say to the fine folks, Spencer?

“Every time we get together to do a new Hero Chat I always think of a few topics that come to my mind that I’d like to talk about, but that is getting harder and harder to do. So, I’d like to open up an invitation for you good people to make suggestions for topics for the next Hero Chat and if we like it, we will definitely use it! Back to you Ed.”

Our guest this episode is Mr. Jamie Williams who has provided this rather thorough bio:

“Jamie Williams was always your typical anonymous film nerd giving his two-cents on Comments sections. It wasn’t until back-and-forth correspondence with Vic Holtreman that led to his tenure writing for the popular movie-news site Screen Rant. That led to him and good friend Peter Georgiou forming their own site Think McFly Think starting in 2009 where it continues today. TMT also houses the video-podcast Movie Moan, hosted by the British Gentlemen Agent Phil Gee, Queen Kristina, Captain Ed Hocken and Jamie.”

I’ve appeared on Movie Moan and it was a lot of fun, so we’re returning the favor as Jamie joins us for conversations about the directors of the upcoming Marvel Studios movies, the recently-announced ABC S.H.I.E.L.D. show, what options Warner Bros. has for their planned Justice League movie and a rare discussion about actual comics as we compare Marvel Now! to DC’s New 52! So you can keep track of who is speaking: 

Edward Douglas


Spencer Perry


Jamie Williams




Also Edgar Wright for the Ant-Man movie whenever that is.


Right, if that ever is…. but yeah, Edgar Wright is a long time attachment and if that movie ever happens I imagine he’s directing. Have either of you seen the Iron Man 3 footage from Comic-Con by any chance? I haven’t.

I haven’t sadly.

I haven’t either but I like Black’s stuff a lot.

I really liked “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (the only other movie he directed), but other than great writing I’m not sure what he brings to the table. My biggest worry to be honest is the Russo Brothers on Cap. I thought Joe Johnston was a good fit even though I had problems with the movie.

Russo brothers on Cap is peculiar move on Marvel’s part.

Once again, Marvel is taking risks and thinking outside the box. It paid off big time with Jon Favreau and Joss Whedon. Joe Johnston was a very safe choice, not slighting him, for Captain America. You have to tip your hat to them. Thing is Russo Brothers got to play in several different genres just on “Community”… as overrated as that show is. That alone makes me think, “OK. Sure. Why not them for Cap 2?”

I like “Community” but I see no connection between that and Cap unless they’re going to make it more humorous which I don’t think would fit.


It also makes you wonder with them at the helm what direction Cap 2 will take. With the Winter Soldier being the focus it has to be a little darker, right?


Well sure, but there still has to be some “fun” there.

Exactly. We discussed Winter Soldier on the first Hero Chat and no one brought up the fact that the Russos really have a different style than the comics. Also, their movies “You, Me and Dupree” and “Welcome to Collinwood” were both pretty bad.

I haven’t seen either of those but I believe you Ed. I think they’ll be able to handle themselves with the action sequences but the exposition will be heavy stuff.


Well its not like the Russo Brothers are going to have huge say here.


In general, I feel that Marvel has a pretty good handle on the tech departments as far as stunts, FX, etc. so directing a Marvel movie is almost like directing a well-run TV show.


I was wondering if we would touch on the directors as Marvel puppets.


I wouldn’t go that far but yeah… one does get that impression at times. I’m just more concerned with tone. Alan Taylor on Thor for example seems like a good fit since Game of Thrones has that big bombastic Norse God vibe at times anyway.

Yeah, he makes the most sense to me as a director for the sequels, though honestly I can’t remember which episodes of the show he directed.

Alan Taylor? He directed a LOT of both season 1 and 2. Most of the big shows like the openers/closers.

That’s the thing with tone, Ed. Judging by what Phase 2 is… things are headed in a darker direction. Not exactly what made Marvel the alternative to Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

I’ve known James Gunn for a long time and I just don’t see him being a “puppet”… same with Edgar Wright. These are very outspoken, very clever guys… actually, same with Joss Whedon. It’s almost like those three and at least the Russos and presumably Taylor are on different playing fields.

Yeah, it’s a strange mix which is a good thing in the long run I think.

As you said, assuming Wright sticks with Ant-Man. Not so sure there.

If Edgar Wright doesn’t do it, it won’t get made.

Agreed. And I have to say I still don’t think it will.

Maybe they’re trying to coax him to stay by offering his girlfriend Anna Kendrick the Cap 2 role.

Unless a big name gets involved to play the lead.

Have we heard anything confirming James Gunn is definitely doing Guardians? I guess I could just ask him.

He said something on twitter the day the rumors were going around that gave credence to the rumors but nothing official.

Certainly no denials from certain, scoop-stealing sites…

Probably still signing papers. Has Anna Kendrick been confirmed for Sharon Carter or is she in the running?

She’s in the top 3


Maybe Anna Kendrick is going to be Ant-Man!! Oh, wait… Silas isn’t here… strike that! 🙂

AKA How long is Gunn willing to sign his life away?

Well in theory, it would only be for two years.

Keep in mind, this has a release date locked. Puppy has to get going unless Guardian becomes another Black Panther.

But if he likes the characters (he’s a huge comic fan) and the script, I can totally see him wanting to do a big outer space epic. I have to imagine they have the Guardians script in good shape already or they wouldn’t announce it.’

Problem with Guardians is making it work as a film. Getting audiences to care about trully C and D grade superheroes. No offense to fans.

But do you guys see my point about James Gunn and even Shane Black being very different choices from the Russos and Taylor?

Absolutely. That’s why Marvel is where they are.

Have you read the comics? I just read Thanos Imperative, my first of the current Guardians and loved it. I bought the entire run of the new series after the announcement.

Yeah, there’s a clear line in the sand between them.

Taking risks can pay off.

The Guardians comics (and related crossovers) have so much potential in terms of characters, stories, etc. I have a feeling that not many comic fans have read those books but I totally see why Kevin Feige thought they’d work as a movie.

Guardians also has the best chance for doing well with merchandising.

Good point, Spencer. But yeah, they don’t have the history of Cap, Iron Man, Thor, all who had cartoon series.

It’s an experiment and everything has worked out so far.

True… Marvel Studios probably made enough profit on Avengers they have money to spare on something like Guardians (and Ant-Man, dammit!!!)


I’m not holding my breath for Daredevil, but I want it bad.

I’m bummed the Joe Carnahan Daredevil didn’t work… I wonder if Marvel can take back the rights and then hire Joe back onto it 🙂


Let’s put it this way, guys. Instead of doing another Hulk movie (where that character stole Avengers), they went against conventional wisdom and doing Guardians. Daredevil seems best for cable TV.

I agree. Someone said on Twitter, can’t remember who, that it could work great as a procedural.

Daredevil would be a good TV show… it’s actually amazing they haven’t tried pitching that over S.H.I.E.L.D.

I remember liking the ’03 film fine. Affleck as Murrdock was the highlight. But nobody was clamoring for more. You actually heard people in the screening on opening night gasping at how dark it was. Keep in mind Daredevil was the first major superhero film to follow after Spider-Man exploded in 2002.

I think the real test will be once the first Iron Man 3 trailer hits and we can see if it looks that different from what Favreau did although that franchise at least already has a lot going for it since Downey knows the character. I think Alan Taylor and James Gunn will have the toughest tasks ahead of them. All I know is that I’m not going to miss the Marvel panel at Comic-Con next year. I’ve already gotten some tips on how to sneak into Hall H if need be.

The next big play for Marvel will be getting back the rest of their titles.

Yup, although right now they seem to be pretty filled up on their dance card for the next two to three years.

They have the cash now.


On page 2, we talk about the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show!

(Alan Taylor Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN, James Gunn Photo Credit: C.Smith/ WENN.com)