Hero Chat Episode 4 – November 12, 2012

Hey, everyone! It’s been way too long since our last Hero Chat, but that’s mainly my fault since I’ve been traveling around the world, covering film festivals, writing about Oscars and other stuff. Hopefully it was worth the wait and though we don’t have as many topics as in past episodes, we have had some doozy of news, particularly about the summer of 2012.

But first, here’s my lovely and talented co-host for Hero Chat, Mr. Spencer Perry!

And we’re back! We took a longer than expected hiatus but I feel like that break allowed us to get reenergized for this episode. I might say it eveytime but I feel like this was my favorite Hero Chat that we’ve done so far, and YES we’re still trying to workout how to do this as a real podcast so you can listen to our beautiful voices and go for a walk. Back to you, Ed!




That news did kind of shock me… can they really get a long-awaited Star Wars movie out in less than three years?





Exactly! What do you think of Wachowskis on JLA? As a hypothetical?


Although Joss might not do it just ’cause it’s expected.


 In his defense, they DID mention life model decoys in the movie 🙂



In the next part, we talk about the Kickstarter for David Fincher’s animated movie based on Eric Powell’s The Goon.