Hero Chat Episode 4 – November 12, 2012

Hey, everyone! It’s been way too long since our last Hero Chat, but that’s mainly my fault since I’ve been traveling around the world, covering film festivals, writing about Oscars and other stuff. Hopefully it was worth the wait and though we don’t have as many topics as in past episodes, we have had some doozy of news, particularly about the summer of 2012.

But first, here’s my lovely and talented co-host for Hero Chat, Mr. Spencer Perry!

And we’re back! We took a longer than expected hiatus but I feel like that break allowed us to get reenergized for this episode. I might say it eveytime but I feel like this was my favorite Hero Chat that we’ve done so far, and YES we’re still trying to workout how to do this as a real podcast so you can listen to our beautiful voices and go for a walk. Back to you, Ed!


Spencer Perry

Max Evry



It’s been a few months since we’ve done one of these and since then there’s been a lot of huge comic book movie news, particularly for 2015. In that year alone, we’re going to have Avengers 2, Justice League and FINALLY Ant-Man, but not before we get another Star Wars movie, which is sort of comic book related. Do you guys think it’s a good idea that so many big movies are released in one summer and especially that Warner would try to finally get the JLA movie out the same year as Avengers and Star Wars?

 One of them will give and take the year delay, guaranteed. More than likely I’d be surprised to see Star Wars in 2015.


That news did kind of shock me… can they really get a long-awaited Star Wars movie out in less than three years?

I think if they go with a really innovative filmmaker behind JLA, someone like Wachowski Starship, it would make it very distinctive and not just a retread of what Joss did with Avengers.

That’s another thing… we know what Avengers 2 will be (mostly) since it’s Joss directing mostly the same cast. JLA, we know NOTHING. Star Wars could also be anything.


  It can’t just be the same beats “We’re no team, we’re so dysfunctional *beat* Hey, we’re a TEAM! Hooray!”

 That goes for both Star Wars and JLA.

 They’ll add new members I’m sure and I think the comics are giving HUGE hints to whom they may be.

 Rocket Raccoon for president.

  I think I’ve said it before, but Justice League could be an adaptation of Geoff Johns/JIm Lee’s first arc and I’d be happy.

 True but like Max said that still uses similar story beats. I agree though that would make a good movie arc, like Johns’ first Aquaman arc.


 Sure, except that none of the members of the Justice League will have been introduced except maybe Henry Cavill’s Superman.


  I would personally like to see Guy Gardner instead of boring ol’ Hal Jordan, although if they wanted to give poor Ryan Reynolds another shot I wouldn’t be opposed. That atrocity was NOT his fault.

 Sure, or John Stewart. Warner Bros. definitely has the biggest road ahead of them I think. Presumably they already have a script though. I still don’t know who to blame for Green Lantern. I liked both of Martin Campbell’s previous movies.

 If all three of these movies make it out in 2015 then one of them will probably do significantly less business than the others, my guess is JLA.

 Sure, that would make the most sense, but would it make enough to warrant spinning off heroes? And how much are they going to spend to make it?

 Me too, depending on how burnt out Joss is. I can very easily see Marvel fatigue setting in by ’15.

 He should just spend the next two years squandering all the money he’s made then show up on Day 1 with a Shakespeare play and have the Avengers perform it.

 Their brilliant Marvel plan of consistency could backfire, especially if some of the films leading up to A2 are duds.

 Marvel fatigue may actually be good for Justice League then.


Exactly! What do you think of Wachowskis on JLA? As a hypothetical?

I think that’s the best and most obvious choice.

That seems to be the most popular choice right now… but since Cloud Atlas hasn’t done well will Warners want to give them the keys? But what about Harry Potter director David Yates?

Well it’s exactly WHY they would do it instead of their own superhero movie Jupiter Ascending. They NEED a sure thing.

He’s proven himself to be able to make big movies, to handle lots of characters, stories…

He could be good too…

I hear Jupiter is fairly mainstream and could be a hit.

Thought his Potter movies were all massive yawnfests.

If the Wachowskis do it, I’d rather they go all Grant Morrison on them and have it be a bit out there. But not Matrix Revolutions out there.

I expect nothing BUT out there from them.

Right, someone needs to keep them on a leash.

But they made money, to the suits that might be all that matters.

They certainly gave Zack Snyder another shot after three back-to-back losers.

That’s true but that might have also been Nolan’s decision. I seriously don’t want to see Christopher Nolan do another franchise. I’m sick of that guy.

Me too. Nolan = boring

For once I’m not the one incurring the wrath of the readers!

Going back to Avengers for a second, have either of you been keeping up on Avengers Assemble, Marvel’s “tie-in” comic and who they’ve been introducing?

I only know of what they’re doing with Assemble through Previews.

They seem to be introducing The Vision, Spider-Woman and the Captain Marvels in there. Which could point to whom we might see in the sequel… but I guess that’s another topic 🙂

I keep hearing The Vision too… I know nothing, nada, zip about him. Who he be?

Who is the Vision!?!??! And with that, Max was forever banned from Hero Chat 🙂 Android, has the hots for Scarlet Witch, can phase through things like Kitty Pryde or get super-dense.

I’m trying, it’s hard to keep up with the Marvel Universe! I’d have better luck memorozing the FBI most-wanted lists.

He has a long history with the Avengers which they’ll probably ignore and do something that fits in with the Marvel Movie Universe.

Well there are only ten on the most wanted list. You don’t think the Coulson as Vision mess will come to fruition do you?

I think it will.

You’re probably right but if anyone can make it not lame, it’s Whedon and Marvel Studios.


Although Joss might not do it just ’cause it’s expected.


 I can’t believe that Joss Whedon keeps getting mentioned for the Star Wars gig.

 I don’t think it’s lame. I think it makes perfect sense to create an android that embodies the spirit of a top SHIELD agent.

Fanboys have no sense of reality.

 Sure, he can make two movies at once 🙂 Just cast Robert Downey, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, etc in Star Wars VII and they can shoot them simultaneously.

 Now you’re thinking like an executive! Joss is LOCKED into Marvel… unless they get a life-model decoy

 Wait, you know what a life model decoy is but not The Vision!?!?


 I’m just giving you a hard time 🙂


 In his defense, they DID mention life model decoys in the movie 🙂

 Right, Stark made that joke. So yeah, Justice League is going to depend on who they get to direct and if the cast shapes up. It can’t be worse to how that George Miller movie was shaping up. I will predict that Stark/Iron Man will play a smaller part in Avengers 2. Have they even confirmed Downey to be in it? I imagine Joss will convince him.

 Y’know I’m not sure. I thought I heard that IM3 fulfilled his 5 picture deal.

 That’s what I heard, too.

 Because of the Hulk cameo?

 I guess, yeah.


I don’t think that counted. I think it was only a four-picture deal — Three Iron Mans and Avengers.

 Ah, okay.

Depp is going back for fifths on Captain Jack, can’t Downey be a greedy bastard too?

Has Pirates 5 been confirmed? I’d think that if Disney has Avengers and Star Wars, there’s no hurry to do another.

I think he can, what can they bring to the table for Phase 3 besides more sequels?

He’ll get $90 million or something.

That’s crazy. No actor deserves that big a payday.

Depp is signed on for a fifth film, no word on if it’s happening.

I heard Depp was getting $90 for that, instead of gross participation.

That’s smart of him cause after that last stinker, the next Pirates won’t make $90 million.


In the next part, we talk about the Kickstarter for David Fincher’s animated movie based on Eric Powell’s The Goon.