Square Enix Confirms The Winter Soldier’s Arrival in Marvel’s Avengers

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier would be the next playable hero to show up in Marvel’s Avengers. The developers neglected to share an actual release date at the time. But with a brand new update on the horizon, the studio has officially confirmed that Captain America’s former sidekick will officially join the game’s character roster on November 29.

Bucky will make his debut as part of Avengers’ 2.7 Update, which also gives the character his own mission chain. According to a new blog post, Bucky will struggle with the memories of his Winter Soldier persona after finally escaping his handlers’ clutches. But thankfully, Cap and his teammates are there to remind him of his ability to do good. Completing these missions will also win players access to one of Bucky’s classic suits.

The developers describe Bucky’s fighting style as “almost purely assault-focused,” mixing his marksmanship skills with “deadly” hand-to-hand combat. Gamers will also notice shades of other heroes’ styles when he clashes with his opponents. Naturally, this includes Captain America, who fought alongside Bucky during World War II. But because he also trained in the Red Room as Winter Soldier, fans will detect Black Widow’s influence as well.

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Scott Porter (NBC’s Friday Night Lights) is voicing Bucky in the game, reprising the role he played in Lego Marvel’s Avengers in 2016. Porter has also lent his voice to several other animated Marvel characters in the past. In 2011, he portrayed Scott Summers/Cyclops in two different anime series produced by Madhouse. He also recurred as Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider in several episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD and voiced White Wolf in Avengers Assemble. More recently, Porter guest-starred in an episode of Disney Junior’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends as the voice of George Stacy.

Bucky isn’t the only new addition to Avengers coming in 2.7. The upcoming patch will also deliver a new Omega-Level Threat dubbed Cloning Lab. This AIM facility previously appeared in AvengersNo Rest for the Wicked warzone, when Monica Rappaccini successfully brought M.O.D.O.K. back online. The latest DLC promises one final showdown with the big-headed supervillain. However, players need to be at Power Level 175 in order to give it a whirl. Rewards include new, high-level gear that raises the power-level cap to 185.

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