Marvel’s Avengers Adds The Winter Soldier as a Playable Hero

After weeks of rumors, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have finally confirmed the next hero coming to Marvel’s Avengers. Although many fans were expecting She-Hulk to join the game’s ranks in honor of her new Disney+ series, the developers have a different character in mind. In a new blog post, the studios revealed that an upcoming patch will add Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier to Avengers’ playable roster.

Unfortunately, the news didn’t come with a release date for Bucky, and it’s unclear if the update will include his own story expansion as well. Regardless, the character won’t be available until sometime after the game’s 2.6 patch drops in September. You can check out the announcement, along with some new concept art, below.

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Forbes actually broke the story about The Winter Soldier’s Avengers debut earlier today in an interview with lead designer Brian Waggoner. The character is still in testing, so Waggoner couldn’t reveal much. But he did hint that fans could expect Bucky to draw influence from other heroes’ combat styles while still boasting his own set of moves.

“He trained with Cap, right? So he may share a similar feel, I guess,” said Waggoner. “I don’t want to say he has a shield or anything because he doesn’t, but his fighting style will feel like they had trained in the same place. And our Winter Soldier also trained in the Red Room, so you may see some things where we took inspiration from Black Widow’s kit. But no, not sharing any abilities or anything like that.”

In the meantime, players can look forward to the other new additions coming in patch 2.6. One of these features, the “No Rest for the Wicked” Warzone, finds Monica Rappaccini trying to salvage what’s left of M.O.D.O.K. and use him as a weapon against the Avengers. The developers will also make tweaks to existing characters’ combat, balance, and traversal abilities.

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