Iron Man VR Comes To the Meta Quest 2 Next Month

It’s been more than two years since Tony Stark made a splash in virtual reality with Iron Man VR, which was originally released as a PlayStation VR exclusive in 2020. But now, the game’s reach is about to expand. In less than a month, the game is coming to the Meta Quest 2, bringing its immersive story experience to a whole new community of gamers.

Developed by Camouflaj, Iron Man VR pits the Armored Avenger against Ghost, who mounts a campaign of destruction against Tony after holding him responsible for the deaths he caused in his former life as a weapons manufacturer. Armed with her own legion of drones, Ghost launches attacks on Stark Industries locations scattered throughout the world. The game gives players full command over his suit’s functionalities. That includes the ability to fly and shoot a variety of projectiles, missiles, and repulsor blasts.

You can watch a new trailer for the game’s Meta Quest 2 port below.

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Upon its release, the game earned mostly positive reviews. Critics and gamers alike praised the flight and combat mechanics. However, they also took issue with its repetitive gameplay and lengthy load times. The developers addressed the latter problem in a subsequent update, but it didn’t exactly offer a complete fix. Fortunately, this won’t be Shellhead’s last video game adventure. EA’s Motive Studio recently announced plans to develop its own Iron Man title for next-gen consoles.

Iron Man VR will be released on the Meta Quest 2 on November 3.

Will you be playing the game when it hits Meta Quest headsets next month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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