Invincible Iron Man 19 cover by Kael Ngu
(Image Source: Marvel / Kael Ngu)

New Avengers Squad Teased in Invincible Iron Man #19

The Fall of the House of X storyline is kickstarting a new era for the X-Men. Several new teams and solo series have been announced as part of the new initiative. However, Invincible Iron Man #19 by Gerry Duggan and Andre Di Vito reveals that a new Avengers squad is also in the works as a result of recent events.

The action of Invincible Iron Man #19 centers around James “Rhodey” Rhodes. Jailed under false charges by the Anti-Mutant group Orchis, the former War Machine recently escaped prison. With the villains Sandman and Living Laser in tow, Rhodey knew he had to join the Mutant rebellion in a big way.

War Machine recruits villains in Invincible Iron Man 19
(Image Source: Marvel / Andrea Di Vito)

To that end, with his villainous allies vouching for him, Rhodey created an army. His conscripts were supervillains and henchmen out on parole. Their weapons were an arsenal of confiscated supervillain weapons and Stark technologies. Together, they had surprising success in liberating Manhattan from the forces of Orchis. Moreover, the idea gave Rhodey an idea for a new Avengers squad.

Once Tony Stark caught up to them, Rhodey pitched his “genius idea for a new kind of Avengers.” A work-release program of sorts, for former supervillains who wanted to make amends for their crimes. Something similar to the Thunderbolts, but directly supervised by veteran superheroes rather than the American government. Tony agreed the idea had merit and noted, in his narration, that this new Avengers squad “would save the world right out of the gate.”

Who could be on the new Avengers squad?

New avengers squad in Invincible Iron Man 19
(Image Source: Marvel / Andrea Di Vito)

The text of the issue gives no indication as to who might be on this new Avengers squad. However, Living Laser and Sandman are shown in the one panel where Tony recalls the new team’s formation. Stilt-Man and Rhino also hold prominent roles in the issue and are among the first villains to enthusiastically volunteer to fight Orchis. This suggests they may number among the new Avengers squad’s first recruits.

Invincible Iron Man #19 is now available at comic shops everywhere.