New Villains Surface in the Latest Trailer For Gotham Knights

Most of the story for Gotham Knights revolves around the Court of Owls and the grip it’s held on the titular city for nearly 400 years. But this doesn’t mean that a few other DC rogues can’t cause a little extra mayhem for the game’s four playable heroes along the way. Although earlier previews confirmed roles for characters like Penguin and Mr. Freeze, the latest trailer for Gotham Knights reveals new looks at additional supporting villains, including Harley Quinn and Clayface. You can check it out for yourself below.

Gotham PD’s Renee Montoya narrates the trailer as Alfred Pennyworth gathers the surviving members of the Bat Family following the deaths of Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon. Gotham may be “at her weakest” after losing both of its top cops in one fell swoop. Regardless, this isn’t going to stop Montoya and her new allies from stepping up to the plate and restoring order to the city.

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In addition to the Court of Owls’ army of Talons, the trailer boasts a ton of new footage of Mr. Freeze’s latest scheme to turn Gotham into a frigid wasteland. But as usual, Harley Quinn manages to hog the spotlight with her signature brand of mayhem. One scene even appears to show Harley hosting her own bastardized version of a TED Talk. However, Clayface prefers a more direct approach to fighting his enemies. It’s clear from the footage that this incarnation of the classic Batman villain is nothing like the cuddly thespian from HBO Max’s Harley Quinn animated series. Fortunately, we can still expect him to make plenty of references to his acting career.

Originally, Gotham Knights was expected to bow on October 25. But the new trailer reveals that WB Montréal is making some changes to its release schedule. The game will now hit the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC four days earlier on October 21.

Are you excited to fight Harley Quinn and Clayface when the game arrives this fall? Let us know in the comment section below!

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