First Look at New Avatar Video Game Teases Immersion in Pandora

The first theatrical Avatar sequel hits theaters a year and a half from now, in December 2022. But prior to that, if scheduled dates hold, gamers will take a new trip to Pandora through their consoles in an Avatar video game. At an E3 panel today, Ubisoft offered up their first teaser for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The clips show familiar creatures and biomes, like the Ikran and the bioluminescent forest. But we also get new coastal areas, and new dinosaur-like beasts. And either it’s still set during the events of the first movie, or the hostile RDA sent for reinforcements. Because they still look like they’re at war with the Na’vi.

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Four years ago, James Cameron expressed how impressed he was with the game’s level of preproduction detail. Like some of the dedicated fans back in 2009, the designers approach the material with the idea that people want to go to Pandora and live there. Virtually, at least.

For fans of Avatar, the last decade-plus waiting on new material felt especially long. The Disney’s Animal Kingdom rides helped some, but the new game looks to offer the best fix yet for those who want to become one with Eywa.

Will you preorder a copy of the new Avatar game? Let us know in comments. We see you.

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