Kate Bishop is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers As a Playable Hero

Later this week, Marvel’s Avengers will officially launch on all major consoles. During today’s War Table event, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed the new post-launch hero coming to Marvel’s Avengers. The game is adding Kate Bishop to the lineup. In the comics, she is second Hawkeye and the protégée/partner of Clint Barton. And in the reveal video at the bottom of this post, the relationship between Kate and Clint remains intact in the game.

According to the video, Kate and Clint were working with S.H.I.E.L.D. to find Nick Fury. However, Clint went missing as well. But when Kate goes on a mission to find her mentor, she discovers that Clint made some kind of deal with Advanced Idea Mechanics. Regardless, she’s not ready to write off Hawkeye just yet.

According to Square Enix, Kate Bishop will be the first playable hero of the post-launch. She will headline the Hero Operation called Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM. That mission will also introduce a new foe for Kate while exploring her relationship with Clint.

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It’s worth noting that Hawkeye appears to be stepping through a time portal in the video below. That may be why his Hero Operation is called Marvel’s Avengers: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect. In the comics, Future Imperfect was a storyline where the present day Hulk met his evil counterpart, The Maestro, in the far future.

The developers also stated that Kate isn’t a reskin of Hawkeye. She has her own weapons, moves, and costumes. Down the road, Playstation 4 and 5 players will have exclusive access to Spider-Man. Additionally, there are several classic Marvel heroes rumored to be coming to the game as well.

Marvel’s Avengers will officially hit stores on Friday, September 4. Early access has already begun for some players.

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