New Marvel’s Avengers Video Introduces the Leaders of A.I.M.

In just a few weeks, Marvel’s Avengers will bring players into a game where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been displaced by Advanced Idea Mechanics. The forces behind A.I.M. orchestrated the events of A-Day that led to the Avengers disbanding. Via, Marvel and Square Enix have released a new video that shines a spotlight on two of A.I.M.’s leaders: Monica Rappaccini, and George Tarleton, the man destined to become M.O.D.O.K..

According to the game’s creative team, Tarleton is driven by a genuine desire to help the world. However, he and A.I.M. can’t abide living in a world with the Avengers. That’s why they’ve done everything they can to displace the team. Additionally, that drive will send Tarleton past the point of no return. As M.O.D.O.K., Tarleton’s humanity has been sacrificed in the name of science and hubris.

As for Rappaccini, she simply wants the Avengers out of the way because they interfere with her plans for the emerging Inhumans.

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The video also dives into the design choices behind A.I.M., and the comics that influenced the game. The creative team also promised that the classic A.I.M. beekeeper outfits will appear with updated designs.

Marvel’s Avengers will hit PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on September 4. It will also be available for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

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