Spider-Man Will Be the Only Console Exclusive Hero In Marvel’s Avengers

Earlier this week, Square Enix revealed that Marvel’s Avengers will add Spider-Man as a free DLC character in early 2021. However, only players on Sony’s Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Xbox and other consoles won’t be getting Spidey or any other exclusive heroes of their own.

Via IGN and IGN Japan, Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos noted that Spider-Man will be the only exclusive hero in the game.

“(The inclusion of) Spider-Man is a unique opportunity for us because of the relationship that PlayStation and Marvel have,” explained Amos. “That is the only character that we are doing that way.”

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Additionally, Amos appeared to confirm that the Spider-Man in this game won’t be the same character from Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4.

“It’s going to be our version of Spider-Man, inspired by our world and integrated into our story,” said Amos.

Amos also touched upon Hawkeye, the first free DLC hero who will be added to the game.

“This is Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, and we will have a complete original story arc inspired by the best of Hawkeye moments from the comics,” related Amos. “You will be able to wield Clint’s iconic bow and trick arrows in missions either solo or online with your friends. And that story will continue to move the wider narrative along.”

Marvel’s Avengers will hit PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on September 4.

Would you have wanted XBox One and other consoles to get their own exclusive Marvel’s Avengers characters? Let us know in the comment section below!

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