Vader Immortal Episode III Will Hit the Oculus Store In November

Earlier this year, Star Wars fans were given the chance to enter the world of Vader Immortal and learn the ways of the Force. Now, it’s time for players to take what they’ve learned and use it in the final battle against Vader.

Via Slash Film, ILMxLAB has announced that its popular VR title will come to a close next month with the release of Vader Immortal Episode III.

“From the very beginning, Vader Immortal was conceived of as one overarching story where you were the lead character,” said director Ben Snow. “From learning the Force from Darth Vader, to uncovering the ancient secrets of Mustafar, everything has been leading up to the culmination of the series. We can’t wait for fans to discover firsthand how their story ends.”

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David S. Goyer, the co-writer of The Dark Knight trilogy and Blade, wrote the story for Vader Immortal. The game casts players as a smuggler who is also Force sensitive. However, these abilities only serve to bring the player to Darth Vader’s notice. Through the first two episodes, Vader has trained the players and utilized their talents for his own goals. Unfortunately for the players, they are also the only ones who can stop Vader from achieving his plan. Within the final episode, players will also lead an assault on Vader’s castle on Mustafar. If they get past that, then they will have a chance to face the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

Vader Immortal Episode III will hit the Oculus Store on November 21.

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