The Batman and Fortnite Crossover Has Officially Arrived

Today is Batman Day, and Fortnite is celebrating 80 years of the Dark Knight in style. Via, the previously rumored Batman and Fortnite crossover has arrived, and “the Bat-Signal has appeared over the Island.”

Officially, the crossover is called Fortnite X Batman, and a newly released trailer brings the Battle Bus to Gotham City. But that’s the kind of thing that Batman would immediately respond to…and he does.

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From now until October 6, fans can grab the Batman Caped Crusader Pack in Fortnite. It includes Batman costumes inspired by both the comics and The Dark Knight film trilogy. Additionally, it also comes with Batman’s Grapnel Gun and an Explosive Batarang.

Even Catwoman is getting in on the Fortnite action. One of the items in the Fortnite store is a Catwoman costume that allows fans to add an additional comic book touch to their game. Players can also choose to take on the heroic challenges to earn free rewards from the Welcome to Gotham City Challenge Bundle. One of the most notable rewards there is the Catwing Glider. That could come in handy with the power of Glider Redeploy.

The Batman themed Challenges will only be available until October 1. But fans will still be able to purchase The Batman Caped Crusader Pack until October 6 in the Fortnite store.

What do you think about the Fortnite X Batman crossover? Will you be picking up these Bat-themed items? Let us know in the comment section below!

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