Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Footage Officially Released


Over the past couple of months, select fans and members of the press got a first look at Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers game in action. But many were wondering when they would be able to see Earth’s mightiest heroes for themselves. Well, thankfully, that day has finally come. With Gamescom kicking off in Germany this week, the publisher has officially released around 19 minutes of gameplay footage online, which can be viewed below.

The footage kicks off with the Avengers arriving in San Francisco. While attending an event with fans, they investigate a series of explosions at the Golden Gate Bridge. The heroes then break apart as enemy soldiers begin attacking police officers.

It’s here that separate gameplay segments begin to get introduced. First up is Thor, who makes a dramatic entrance by smashing Mjolnir into the ground. After performing some quick combo attacks on enemies, he later cleans house with an effective ground pound. 

Shortly after, Iron Man takes focus. It’s here that the game picks up the pace, with Tony Stark flying after enemies and shooting them out of the sky with his blaster. He soon slows down to shoot a few more foes before blasting cannons on a few trucks.

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Next up, Hulk decides to do some smashing with combo attacks. He makes short work of soldiers with a number of devastating techniques, including picking up parts of the bridge to throw around. He also grabs parts of the bridge to maneuver to higher-up areas.

The action then shifts to the Helicarrier, where Captain America gets a turn to clean house. With the help of his shield, he launches into both melee and throwing attacks, making short work of several enemies. 

The group then temporarily regroups before introducing the big bad of the demo – Taskmaster. It’s here that Black Widow takes control, performing some quick platforming action before jumping on his back. After a quick flight sequence, she forces him to crash-land and fights him. Eventually, she gets the upper hand and wins – but at a price.

At the conclusion of the demo, a devastating act results in an unlikely sacrifice, which sets the game’s events in motion. Fans can see what happens in the footage below.

It all sets the stage for what’s to come with the Marvel’s Avengers game, which releases on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Will you be checking the game out when it releases next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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