Comic-Con: Go Behind the Scenes of Iron Man VR’s Gameplay Mechanics

When it comes to video game presentations, Marvel’s Avengers is probably going to make the biggest impact at Comic-Con this weekend. However, Marvel has yet another upcoming project to show off in Hall H this year. There hasn’t been a lot of new information about Iron Man VR since it was announced back in March. But now, Marvel has released a new teaser video featuring new gameplay footage and interviews with the developers. You can check it out for yourself via Twitter below.

Obviously, a VR game starring the armored Avenger is going to make heavy use of flight controls. That’s why game director Ryan Payton wanted to make sure that his team paid special attention to making this experience as fulfilling for fans as possible.

“We knew from the very beginning that we had to nail the sensation of flying in VR,” said Payton. “It had to be comfortable, it had to feel fast, it had to feel like you are Tony Stark in the suit.”

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There was also the matter of translating Iron Man’s iconic heads-up display and providing gamers with an acceptable array of weapons. According to designer Blaine Higdon, players will only need a few seconds to get a feel for the controls. But after this, they should be overwhelmed by a sense of freedom. Judging by the footage shown, it seems clear they aimed to capture the essence of the best open-world superhero games. Of course, there will still be some problem-solving involved. Higdon’s fellow designer, Ryan Darcey, hints that gamers will have to take some time to “evaluate the battlefield properly.”

“To me, the sense of flying as Iron Man is about freedom, speed, and power,” said engineer Troy Johnsen. “Right off the bat, we knew that you have to be able to go wherever you want. We wanted you to be able to fly really fast, but be able to maintain control as you bank through corners and through canyons.”

“I want them to feel like they’re in control of the most power that they’ve ever felt in their lives,” Johnsen continued. “You’re not going to be a master right off the bat. But over multiple play sessions, I want you to feel like you’re starting to command that power.”

How do you think Iron Man VR looks so far? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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