Report: Dead Boy Detectives Episode Titles Revealed for Sandman Spin-off Series

Episode titles for Netflix‘s upcoming live-action supernatural series Dead Boy Detectives, based on a comic that spins off of the original Sandman comics, have reportedly surfaced.

According to the unofficial Netflix news site What’s On Netflix, the episodes of the show’s first season have an old-fashioned mystery story theme, with each one beginning with the words “The Case of.” The exception appears to be the pilot episode, titled “Pilot.”

The list of titles is as follows:

  • The Case of the Creeping Forest
  • The Case of the Dandelion Shrine
  • The Case of Devlin House
  • The Case of the Lighthouse Leapers
  • The Case of the Two Dead Dragons
  • The Case of the Very Long Stairway
  • The Case of the Hungry Snake

What’s on Netflix reported that the order of these episodes is currently unknown, aside from “The Case of the Hungry Snake,” which is said to be the season finale.

The unusual origins of Dead Boy Detectives

The main characters of Dead Boy Detectives first appeared in 1991, in Issue #25 of Neil Gaiman‘s iconic dark fantasy comic series The Sandman. The two boys had both died, at approximately the same age but many years apart, in an English boarding school and became friends as ghosts. When given the opportunity to move on to the afterlife, they both declined, and quietly exited The Sandman series.

However, their story continued in a spin-off comic, Dead Boy Detectives, in which the ghosts put their energy into solving crimes. This series became the basis of the upcoming live-action adaptation.

The Sandman itself had previously scored a live-action TV show, which had a successful first season in 2021 and has been renewed for a second. Because The Sandman is on Netflix and Dead Boy Detectives was initially planned to be produced for HBO Max, the connection between them was thought to be downplayed, but the rights to Dead Boy Detectives were sold to Netflix earlier this year, meaning both shows are now on the same streamer. Earlier this year, Gaiman himself stated on social media that The Sandman and Dead Boy Detectives would take place in the same universe.

A release date for Dead Boy Detectives has not yet been announced.