Michonne Costume
Michonne with her samurai sword.

Michonne Gets a New Costume in BTS Images From TWD: The Ones Who Live

New behind-the-scenes images from the upcoming The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live revealed Michonne‘s puzzling new costume.

Per the Twitter account TWDU Promos, the pictures highlight Danai Gurira‘s fan-favorite survivor standing amongst a group of people as she looks around at her environment with concern. While she appears physically unchanged since the last time fans saw her, a major change to her character comes in the form of her jacket, which bears the markings and logo of the Civic Republic Military. It remains unknown whether the costume suggests that Michonne has willingly elected to join the faction or if she’s infiltrated them with some other goal in mind but The Walking Dead has made it clear that the samurai sword-wielding zombie slayer has no love for their regime.

A Fate Worse Than the Walkers

The Civic Republic Military, often just abbreviated to “CRM,” is the enforcement wing of the Civic Republic — a powerful group that’s looking to restore order to the walker-infested United States. The CRM has gained a reputation for its ample resources and authoritarian rules, often resorting to particularly brutal methods to combat what it deems to be threat to the re-establishment of civilization. They have served as a major antagonist throughout The Walking Dead’s TV universe, playing a prominent role in World Beyond.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is the latest spin-off series set after the events of the mothership show and will chronicle the story of Michonne and Rick Grimes as the two lovers seek to reconnect amid the ever-present zombie apocalypse. Details on the story are currently sparse but AMC has confirmed that Andrew Lincoln will once again reprise his role as, arguably, the franchise’s most iconic character, Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is expected to premiere on AMX and AMC+ in 2024.