Fry, Bender and Leela from Futurama
Fry, Bender and Leela from Futurama

Futurama EP Addresses the ‘Optimistic’ Chance of More Seasons on Hulu

While Futurama‘s latest revival may have just arrived on Hulu, executive producer Claudia Katz is already discussing the chances of another season.

Per SFX Magazine (via The Direct), Katz spoke at length about the franchise’s future, admitting that while nothing is set in stone she’s hopeful for even more adventures. “We’re doing these 20 episodes, and I think everybody is really hopeful and optimistic that we’ll get to do more,” the producer said. “But in the same way, each season has a season and (hopefully not) series finale.”

Katz also addressed how distribution has affected the way the creative team has handled Futurama’s return, noting that the writers made a conscious effort to ensure that the current season’s arc will end with a satisfying conclusion. “These days, you can’t assume that you’re going to be able to finish on your own terms,” she said. “So that led to the writers being very conscientious about always doing a season finale, and not taking anything for granted. And that is still true to this day.”

Futurama Lives Another Day

Hulu shocked Futurama fans when it announced that Fry and the Planet Express crew were reuniting for an eighth season. Many believed the show to have run its course, having already concluded twice: Fox canceled the animated sitcom back in 2003 only for it to be revived by Comedy Central years later. With Season 7 coming to a close in late 2013, audiences have waited close to a full decade for Futurama’s latest revival.

Despite the show’s popularity, the announcement was not met with excitement from everyone. Voice actor John DiMaggio, who has played Bender in every incarnation of the series, caused a stir when it was revealed he had turned down an offer to reprise his role due to a pay dispute. After months of negotiations, he ultimately chose to return but did not secure the pay bump he was looking for.

Futurama Season 8 drops new episodes every Monday on Hulu.