Lexington Is the First NECA Gargoyles Figure With Flexible Wings

One of the hallmark features of of NECA‘s Gargoyles action figures so far have been their paired sets of wings. Most of the main figures come with hard-plastic, outstretched wings, which are relatively light and thus easy to display. Alternate folded wings, rubbery and heavy, tend to come as bonus accessories with smaller figures. But now there’s Lexington, and perhaps because he’s smaller, he can fold and spread the same wings.

Lex, Looser

Lexington, as one of the “Rookery Trio,” is less steeped in past and tradition than some of his clan and has thus adapted the best to modern technology. Still, he knows there’s a time when the old school’s cool. This figure comes with a headset and remote for his current world — he’d be operating drones today, no doubt — and a big-ass crossbow for when you just have to take out some foes with some heavy equipment. It even includes removable bolts.

As is the norm for NECA Ultimates, Lexington also features three sets of hands and two heads: scary, pupil-less, bared-fangs monsterface and kinder eyes, closed-mouth friendly face. But it’s the wings that make him unique, as they fold in when he lowers his arms.

Quite suitably, Lexington will fly into stores in October. Most of the usual stores have preorders at the ready, and he looks to cost around $35-$38. With most of the core crew now made, who should NECA make next? There don’t seem to be any signs of them stopping, and we need more extra sets of wings.

Check out the gallery of Lexington pics below, then tell us who you’d like to see in the line in next!

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