Lennie James on Morgan’s Final Mission In Fear the Walking Dead

The upcoming eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead will be the final outing for the series. Debuting as a spinoff to The Walking Dead in 2015, Fear the Walking Dead initially covered the beginning days of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. Starting in season 4, the timeline caught up with that of the flagship show, allowing Walking Dead characters to enter the spinoff. One of those characters that crossed over was Morgan Jones, an original survivor in Rick Grimes’ group and a fan-favorite in the franchise. Lennie James, who stars as Morgan, teased his final mission (via SFX magazine) in Fear the Walking Dead season 8.

“This final season, for me, was, ‘What does Morgan live for, or what does Morgan die for?’ I think that is the mission for season eight,” James said. “If he achieves what he set out to do – which was to take care of the people that he cared about most – where does that leave him? Does that leave him walking away? Or does that leave him in a puddle of blood on the floor, possibly about to turn?”

“I think they’re unavoidable questions and unavoidable possibilities for this man,” James continued. “In season eight, we address those questions head on. And that’s what I wanted for Morgan. I wanted his finale to be an answer to those questions.”

James’s presence in The Walking Dead franchise dates back to the pilot episode in 2010. James has been credited with 90 episodes as Morgan in the TWD franchise. This could be the last time James will play Morgan, since he’s not scheduled to appear in any future spinoffs. Before the final season begins next month, a grateful James reflected on his time in the franchise.

“If you would have said to me at that point when Duane hits Rick that this is what’s going to happen, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you,” James said. “To be at this point now with Morgan, I couldn’t have hoped for it. I couldn’t have wished for it. I couldn’t have imagined that it would have happened. I’m happy with the job done. I’m excited about moving on, but I will miss him.”

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 premieres on May 14.

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