Peacemaker Season 2 Will Premiere After Superman: Legacy

The decision to give John Cena’s breakout character from The Suicide Squad his own spinoff series certainly paid dividends to everyone involved. Last year, Peacemaker ended its first season with an action-packed finale that went on to become the best-performing episode of any HBO Max original program. It’s been ages since Gunn offered any news on the show’s highly-anticipated second season. However, this might be because it’s still a few years away from hitting the platform.

Gunn shared an update regarding Peacemaker season 2 while fielding questions on Twitter earlier today. When one user asked if the show was still coming back with more episodes, Gunn assured fans that this is definitely the case. But the release window Gunn provided might not sit well with viewers eager to revisit Cena’s jingoistic anti-hero.

HBO Max ordered a second season of Peacemaker last February before the show’s inaugural season even finished its run. But in the last 14 months, Warner Bros. has undergone some big changes. The studio now has a completely different executive regime following its merger with Discovery last year. And of course, Gunn and Safran have since been installed as co-CEOs of DC Studios, with Gunn slated to write and direct another DC movie, Superman: Legacy, which bows on July 11, 2025. In other words, Peacemaker fans have a long wait ahead before the series returns, mainly on account of Gunn’s busy schedule.

Additionally, Gunn confirmed that DC’s animated Creature Commandos series will arrive on HBO Max before Legacy hits theaters, which isn’t a surprise, since the show has already been written and (mostly) cast. He also gave a brief update on the Waller spinoff featuring Viola Davis as the now former head of Task Force X. If all goes well, we could be seeing that project hit screens before 2025 as well.

All eight episodes of Peacemaker’s first season are currently streaming on HBO Max.

How do you feel about having to wait two years for Peacemaker season 2? Let us know in the comment section below!  

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