The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 6 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season 3 episode 6!

From the way some people have reacted, you would think that having Lizzo and Jack Black guest star on The Mandalorian is some kind of betrayal of the fans. Lighten up, people! It’s not like they’re grabbing blasters and playing action stars. Instead, they’re decadent royals who are barely in the episode. And now that the sixth episode of the season has dropped, we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it! This post is a place for you to leave your reviews or say anything you want about The Mandalorian season 3 episode 6.

Before the main story begins, the Mandalorian mercenaries led by Axe Woves split up some young alien lovers as part of their contract. Some time later, Mando, Bo-Katan, and Grogu arrive on Plazir-15 to confront Axe and reclaim the Mandalorian fleet. However, they are forcibly escorted to see the planet’s rulers, Captain Bombardier (Black), and his wife, The Duchess (Lizzo).

Grogu quickly takes to The Duchess, and Bombardier quietly confesses that Pazir-15 has a problem with rogue droids. In exchange for Mando and Bo-Katan’s help, they will be allowed to approach Axe. After agreeing to the request, Mando and Bo-Katan meet the man in charge of monitoring the droids, Commissioner Helgait, as played by sci-fi legend Christopher Lloyd. No one is seriously going to complain about having Christopher Lloyd in Star Wars.

Helgait tells the duo that they need to speak to the Ugnaughts beneath the city. At first, the Ugnaughts simply ignore Bo-Katan and Mando. But when Mando invokes his late friend, Kuiil, the Ugnaughts actually respond. They also give the pair a lead on when the next droid attack may take place. Mando and Bo-Katan soon come face-to-face with a rogue Battle Droid that proves hard to take down. And when they finally do defeat the Battle Droid, Bo-Katan discovers a link to a droid bar, The Resistor.

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At The Resistor, Mando’s threats get nowhere with the bartender droid. Regardless, the bartender says he wants to help because the droids could be shut down if the attacks continue. Through the bartender, they learn that the compromised droids were reprogrammed by nanobots in their maintenance fluid. And it was practically signed by the culprit, Helgait. When confronted, Helgait outs himself as a former Separatist, and he praises the late Count Dooku before Bo-Katan takes him down.

The Duchess and Captain Bombardier exile Helgait to the planet’s moon and express their gratitude to Bo-Katan and Mando. Shortly thereafter, the Bo-Katan challenges Axe Woves for control of the Mandalorian fleet. Bo-Katan successfully out-duels Axe, but he refuses to follow her because she won’t challenge Mando for the Darksaber. In response, Mando reveals that he was disarmed and defeated on Mandalore by a cyborg who was in turn, defeated by Bo-Katan. When Axe confirms that this makes Bo-Katan the rightful owner of the Darksaber, Mando passes it to her as a show of support.

We still want to know what you think! So leave your reviews for The Mandalorian season 3 episode 6 in the comment section below!

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