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The Mandalorian’s Emily Swallow on The Armorer’s Motivations

One of the more enigmatic figures in The Mandalorian is The Armorer, as played by Emily Swallow. She the spiritual leader of the Mandalorian warriors, who guides her clan while crafting their armor. However, neither The Armorer’s face nor her true identity have ever been revealed, leading to questions about her motives and intentions towards the lead character, Din Djarin. During a recent interview with Screenrant, Swallow shared her opinion about her character’s relationship to Din and her motivations on The Mandalorian.

“I think that she is an ally to Mando. I don’t feel like she’s someone who is seeking power,” said Swallow. “I think that she is somebody who sees great potential in him and has been trying to help him along his way to live up to his potential, and to live up to what he’s capable of without forcing him to do anything.”

“Like any great teacher, she wants him to make his own decisions and to see the potential in himself,” continued Swallow. “Because I think that we do our best when we’re not doing something because someone else has told us to, but when we say, ‘Oh no, I’m doing this because I see that this is the choice that I want to make, and this is something that I feel fully informed about and that I see to be the best choice to make.'”

In the most recent episodes, Din and Bo-Katan proved that Mandalore is not poisoned. Despite this revelation, does the Armorer believe Mandalore can be reclaimed?

“I think that she always has hope, and I think that she is willing to believe,” noted Swallow. “I think that she sees non-linear solutions to things, and she’s somebody who thinks in metaphors and not necessarily in actual reality. So, sometimes she talks about the Songs of Eon’s past. She talks about different prophecies and things. And, sometimes perhaps there’s a prophecy that might be fulfilled in a way that is not literal. Who knows? I think that she’s very open.”

The fifth episode of The Mandalorian season 3 arrives on Wednesday, March 29 on Disney+.

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