Gus is Done Hiding in the Sweet Tooth Season 2 Teaser

The last time we saw Gus the Deer Boy, he’d been captured by the Last Men and thrown in a cell with a host of other hybrid creatures. Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A week after giving us our first look at Sweet Tooth season 2, Netflix has finally premiered the teaser trailer for the upcoming episodes, which features a surprising amount of tender moments amid new scenes of post-apocalyptic mayhem.

At this point, it’s been nearly two years since viewers were introduced to the world based on Jeff Lemire’s award-winning comic of the same name. Regardless, the producers are clearly upping the ante for the series’ comeback. Gus is seen strapped to a chair as the Last Men prepare to subject him to a variety of experiments in their desperate attempts to find a cure for the Sick. But beyond this, the teaser also highlights a number of massive set pieces that dwarf anything we saw in the previous season, from deadly shootouts to explosions. Additionally, Neil Sandilands is as chilling as ever as General Abbot, the Last Men’s leader who will do anything to ensure the survival of the human race.

You can watch the teaser in the player below.

Nonso Anozie also shows up in the new trailer as Jeppard, the ex-footballer who became Gus’ protector and traveling companion in season 1. After the two were separated in the finale, Jep sets out to find and rescue Gus from his captors. And he isn’t alone—he’s joined on his quest by Dania Ramirez’s Aimee Eden, the proprietor of a hybrid sanctuary whose inhabitants were abducted by the Last Men as well. But this time, Gus might not need anybody to save him. One of the teaser’s final shots shows him ramming into a soldier with his antlers, hinting that his jailers are in for a rude awakening when the series returns next month.

Sweet Tooth season 2 will premiere on Netflix on April 27.

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