Joel Reunites With Tommy in The Last of Us Episode 6 Promo

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for The Last of Us episode 5!

Just in case you forgot, or don’t have the app and were waiting for the usual Sunday time slot, The Last of Us came early this week. And so did the usual videos for next week’s episode, and analysis of this week’s. So consider clicking away from the episode 6 promo if you haven’t watched yet.

Well, new villain Kathleen didn’t last long. And neither did new friends Henry and Sam. There’s a reason this show isn’t called The Many of Us. We finally got a real sense of how humanity fellow hen a horde of infected, clickers, and even a bloater emerged from a sinkhole to attack en masse, and even though show cocreator Craig Mazin says this isn’t a monster show, maybe it should be more of one were more of one. The monster parts remain the best bits.

Next week, Joel and Ellie finally make it to Wyoming, and Joel’s brother Tommy. But if anyone was expecting a touching reunion, think again. Tommy’s got issues with the moral compromises necessary to survive in the post-fungus world. Maybe they’re not as necessary as Joel thinks?

Take a look below:

Meanwhile, for this week’s “Inside the Episode,” cast and crew talk about the way Henry and Sam parallel Joel and Ellie. Mazin and Neil Druckmann also discuss the decision to make Sam deaf for the show, and the way most cast and crew learned ASL to talk to actor Keivonn Montreal Woodard.

Check it out here:

The Last of Us returns to its usual slot next week. What did you think of this week’s larger scale confrontation? Let us know in comments.

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