The Flash Showrunner on Cancelled Legends of Tomorrow Return

Later this year, The Flash will wrap up the series with season 9 and bring the Arrowverse to a close. And while there are some familiar faces lined up to return, including Stephen Amell and Keiynan Lonsdale, the shortened final season means that not everyone is going to get closure. In a new interview with The Nerds of Color, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace revealed that he was forced to abandon his plans to resolve the cliffhanger from Legends of Tomorrow season 7.

For anyone who wasn’t following Legends of Tomorrow, the seventh season ended with the team (and special guest star, Booster Gold) imprisoned without hope for rescue. The series was cancelled shortly thereafter. But Wallace wanted to bring them back for at least one or two episodes.

“There was originally when I had hoped that we’d had 20 episodes, but my original concept was to have at least one — if not a two parter — that wrapped up Legends of Tomorrow,” said Wallance. “And you know, there will be a little crossover we get them back, we get them out of time jail, all these good things, Booster Gold, etc, etc. When we found out we only have 13 episodes, that was no longer possible.”

“We barely have enough time to wrap up things with Barry and Iris’ upcoming family let alone who is Danielle Panabaker playing now, so there wasn’t enough time,” continued Wallace. “So unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to wrap up the Legends storyline which I know is very disappointing to the fans. It’s disappointing to me. But we just don’t have the bandwidth.”

Additionally, Wallace hinted at some of the stories that would have been featured if the show had continued into season 10.

“I can tell you we were going to tackle The Forever War storyline, which is something that I come up for season 10,” noted Wallace. “That was going to be a season opener, and we’ve been hinting at it… I wanted to do a full on crossover with as many characters as possible. The Blackest Night storyline that we started hinting at last year with Diggle and the box. So yeah, it kind of bums me out that we’re not going to do that. I wanted to bring Despero with his alien friends and have a full on alien invasion. That would have featured the Justice League at the Hall of Justice coming in and helping Barry.”

The Flash season 9 will premiere on Wednesday, February 8.

Are you still holding out hope for some Legends of Tomorrow closure? Let us know in the comment section below!

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