Booster Gold Creator Reacts to TV Series Joining the DC Universe

It was a monumental day for the new DC Universe as James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the first wave of film and television projects. One of the upcoming TV shows unveiled was a Booster Gold live-action series on HBO Max. After the big announcement, Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens shared his reaction to the TV series joining the DC Universe with

“I have always felt that Booster belongs in media because, in many ways, that’s exactly what the character is all about,” Jurgens said. “The character has more relevance now because of the way multiple media platforms have exploded and grown. So, I’m very excited to see how this plays out. Booster’s sense of voice, demeanor and presence have always been very clear in my mind, so it’ll be fun to see how it comes together and matches up.”

Gunn explained how the character suffers from “imposter syndrome as a superhero” since Booster travels from the future to the present day to impersonate a hero. Booster previously made brief appearances in Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow. However, the series will present a new take on the character. Jurgens provided suggestions on what he wants to see from Booster in the HBO Max series.

“Time travel is a strong part of who Booster is and what he does, of course. After all, his entire origin is rooted in time travel,” Jurgens said. “But I think the elements that make him uniquely individual are to be found in the original concept and appearances.”

“Clarity is essential,” Jurgens added. “Many writers have made the mistake of treating him like an idiot, which he most certainly isn’t. It’s just that his journey from problem to solution sometimes gets a bit tangled up, which is what happens to most of us in our own lives.”

Booster Gold is currently undated.

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