First Trailer for Hulu’s Animated Superhero Spoof Koala Man

Hugh Jackman‘s got a new superhero project, but this time, he’s not the superhero. In Hulu‘s animated Koala Man, he plays Big Greg, head of the town council in Dapto, Australia. It’s a seemingly normal Australian suburb, but it has its own masked vigilante: Koala Man! What at first looks like yet another Super or Kick-Ass style spoof of costumed vigilantes in over their heads grows into something much bigger, involving Eldritch gods, Santa Claus, the obligatory Mad Max references, aliens, mutants, and more.

Take a look at Hulu’s first trailer below:

Koala Man, executive produced by Rick and Morty‘s Justin Roiland, is the creation of Michael Cusack, who previously collaborated with Roiland on the 2018 Rick and Morty April Fool’s Day spoof Bushworld Adventures. The series will incorporate characters from his web series Damo and Darren, and include Jemaine Clement in the voice cast. Cusack himself voices Koala Man. The cast also includes Sarah Snook, Demi Lardner, Alexandra Daddario, Rachel House, Angus Sampson, Hugo Weaving, Michelle Brasier, Mark Coles Smith, Liam McIntyre, Claudia O’Doherty, Jordan Shanks, Natalie Tran and Jarrad Wright.

Hulu’s official synopsis reads: “Koala Man follows middle-aged dad Kevin and his titular not-so-secret identity, whose only superpower is a burning passion for following rules and snuffing out petty crime in the town of Dapto. Though it may seem like any other Australian suburb, forces of evil both cosmic and man-made lie in wait to pounce on unsuspecting Daptonians. On a quest to clean up his hometown, and often roping his frustrated family into his adventures, Koala Man stands at the ready. He’ll do whatever it takes to defeat villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse: jerks who don’t take their rubbish bins down on the proper days.”

All 8 episodes drop on Hulu Jan 9.

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