Six IDW Comics and Graphic Novels Are Getting TV Adaptations

IDW is looking to bring even more of its titles to the small screen. Earlier this year, the publisher announced that five of its comics and graphic novels had been farmed out to various studios in the hopes of producing TV adaptations. Now, Variety is reporting that six additional books have joined the company’s development slate. New series based on Bacchus, Dragon Puncher & Spoony, Korgi, Lodger, Relic of the Dragon, and Satellite Falling are all currently in the works, and each one already has a showrunner attached.

Bacchus (pictured above) originally hit stores via IDW’s Top Shelf imprint in 2015. Created by writer and artist Eddie Campbell, the story features a number of gods and other fixtures from Greek mythology. Only in this case, they all appear in the present day. Will Davies (Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile) and British TV writer Chloe Moss (Switch) will serve as co-writers and executive producers.

Holly Huckins, a veteran of children’s shows like Recess and Paramount+’s Rugrats reboot, is spearheading Dragon Puncher & Spoony. The original Top Shelf book was created by James Kochalka and follows the exploits of the title characters, including a cat who wears his own suit of armor, and his sidekick, who wields a wooden spoon as a weapon. The book is notable for Kochalka’s unique art style, which combines still photography with minimalist, almost childlike illustrations.

Christian Slade’s Korgi series is coming to life under the guiding hand of showrunner Aury Wallington. The books center on a young fairy and her magical puppy, who encounter monsters that threaten the safety of their homeland. Wallington has previously worked as a writer on Veronica Mars, Heroes, and Gravity Falls.

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Max and Adam Reid (Amazon’s Sneaky Pete) will adapt David and Maria Lapham’s Lodger. The graphic novel follows a teenager’s quest to exact revenge on the serial killer who murdered her mother and framed her father for the crime. Patricia Riggen (Dopesick, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan) has also come aboard as a director on the series.

Smallville and Arrowverse vet Bryan Q. Miller is showrunning Relic of the Dragon, based on the graphic novel by Adrian Benatar and Miguel Ángel García. The fantasy adventure series stars Uric, an “ordinary man” who searches for a relic containing immense power. Luckily, Miller isn’t a stranger to the sword-and-sorcery genre. He also works as a writer on Netflix’s CG-animated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot.

Last but not least, Will Pascoe (Orphan Black) will showrun the adaptation of Steve Horton and Stephen Thompson’s Satellite Falling. Jude Weng (Only Murders in the Building) will also serve as a director and executive producer. Set in a grim vision of the future where Earth has become a human-only planet, the bulk of the story will unfold on Satellite, a space station that’s home to several amazing creatures and one human, Lilly, a cab driver by day and a bounty hunter by night.

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