Kathryn Hahn Says Agatha: Coven of Chaos Begins Filming in One Month

After Agatha Harkness memorable appearance on WandaVision, Marvel announced a spin-off series centered around her during Disney+ Day 2021. The series, Agatha: Coven of Chaoswill see Kathryn Hahn reprise her role as the titular witch. With the spin-off arriving in Phase Five, filming should commence fairly soon. Furthermore, Hahn provided an update on the filming schedule for Coven of Chaos at the Chicago Film Festival.

“We’re in the middle of getting the coven ready and it’s gonna be very delicious,” Hahn revealed. “We start shooting in about a month.”

Watch the entire clip of Hahn’s interview below.

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Jac Schaeffer, the creative force behind WandaVision, will serve as the head writer and executive producer of the Agatha spin-off. Co-starring alongside Hahn is Emma Caulfield Ford, who reprises her role as Dottie from WandaVision. When Wanda turned the town into a black-and-white sitcom, Dottie was a suburban housewife who was one of the community’s social leaders.

Coven of Chaos will be a “dark comedy” in the MCU. At this time, the plot and the number of episodes in the series are unknown. When we last saw Agatha, she attempted to steal Wanda Maximoff’s magic in WandaVision, but her plan failed after Wanda trapped her in the “Agnes” persona.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos is expected to arrive on Disney+ in late 2023.

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