Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 First Look Begins a Treasure Hunt

When David Cronenberg sends you to find “the greatest treasure in the known galaxy,” you say yes. And that seems to be the plan for Star Trek: Discovery season 5, which looks like it has a little Indiana Jones flavor. High-speed hoverbike chases, mysterious unlockable objects, and Burnham hanging off a starship hull are among the highlights here. And it’s great that the stakes aren’t necessarily the entire universe this time. Regular missions are fun to watch too.

Take a look:

Three major new characters join this season, and, well, let Paramount Plus show you:

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So what do you hope to see on Star Trek: Discovery season 5? More relationship drama, as it looks like there may be? Or space tomb raiding? Indiana Jones would take a break for romance too, where available. We definitely need to see more of Grudge, our feline queen.

Let us know what you think of the brand-new teaser in comments below.

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