Norman Reedus Talks About ‘Epic’ Daryl Spinoff in Paris

After 12 years, The Walking Dead has reached the end of its run, as the final season is now underway. For most characters, it will be their last appearance in The Walking Dead universe. For Daryl Dixon, though, the story will continue as Norman Reedus will reprise the iconic character in a spinoff series. So far, the biggest detail revealed regarding the spinoff is its location in Paris, France. Reedus spoke about Daryl’s European adventure in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Although he remained coy about the details, Reedus touched on the fact that Daryl did not choose to go to Paris. Daryl was forced there, and fans will eventually understand why. However, Reedus is ecstatic to call the “epic” city home for the future. You can watch the full clip below. The spinoff conversation begins at 8:43.

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Reedus also discussed the title of the spinoff. Nothing is official, but there is one particular title that Reedus wants. Judging by his Tweet from October 3, Reedus would like the spinoff to be called, simply, Daryl Dixon. Whether he gets his wish or not, Reedus is proud of the spinoff and told Kimmel that it will be a unique chapter in The Walking Dead saga.

“It’ll have a different sound, the show will. It will have a different tone. It will look different, a different photography style,” said Reedus.

The Daryl Dixon spinoff series will air in 2023. Until then, catch the next episode of The Walking Dead this Sunday, October 9, at 9pm on AMC.

Will you be watching the Daryl spinoff when it airs? Leave your answer in the comments!

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