Don Cheadle Producing an Adaptation of Image Comics’ Rogues Gallery

War Machine actor Don Cheadle’s MCU future includes Secret Invasion, Armor Wars, and (probably) at least one of the new Avengers movies coming out in 2025. Regardless, he’s making time to visit another comic book universe as well. Deadline is reporting that Cheadle’s production label, This Radicle Act, is developing a new TV show based on Image’s Rogues Gallery.

Writer Hannah Rose May and artists Justin Mason and Declan Shalvey started publishing Rogues Gallery earlier this year. The series follows Maisie Wade, an actress who plays the titular superhero on a TV series called Red Rogue. When Maisie’s sudden departure from the series leads to its cancellation, her fans are anything but happy. But when they lock her inside her own house and begin terrorizing her by dressing up as Red Rogue’s villains, life imitates art as Maisie tries to find a way to survive.

So far, Image has released three issues of Rogues Gallery, the latest of which hit stores today. A trade paperpack collecting the first four issues will go on sale on December 7. May is producing the TV series through her own Weird Neighbour Productions banner. Cheadle will also serve as a producer alongside This Radicle Act president Karyn Smith-Forge.

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Rogues Gallery is one of several Image Comics properties with a live-action film or TV adaptation in the works. Over the past year alone, studios have ordered new projects based on titles like Eight Billion Genies, Nocterra, Hardcore, and Bitter Root. Right now, it doesn’t look like Cheadle’s company has a network or even a showrunning team in mind for Rogues Gallery. However, This Radicle Act has a first-look deal with Industrial Media, which (according to Collider), has developed shows for a variety of different platforms, including HBO, Netflix, and ABC.

Are you excited to see what Cheadle and his collaborators have planned for Rogues Gallery? Let us know in the comment section below!

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