More Details on Anthony Ramos as The Hood in Ironheart

While D23 Expo had some surprises for Marvel fans, one that likely didn’t shock too many was the reveal of Anthony Ramos as The Hood in Ironheart. Paparazzi photos already showed him on set in the distinctive cloak. All that remained? A confirmation. And we got it, along with some changes to the character as seen in comics.

The Hood’s not typically an Ironheart arch-foe, but in footage described by The Wrap, he sounds like her nemesis this time. As they say, “He appears to be an ally to the young engineer at first, telling her that anyone who’s done something iconic has also had to dabble in some questionable situations. But from there, it quickly becomes apparent that Parker has anything but good intentions, as he flicks his hood into place.” Jim Rash, who played the M.I.T. liaison in Captain America: Civil War, will return to his university post in Ironheart.

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Of The Hood, Ramos said, “He wants to take in other misfits and show the world that you looked at us as outcasts but we’re going to end up on top. Parker is … a deep dive into a dark place. But on the inside Parker believes that he’s doing good and Parker has a love for his crew and a love for his people. I’m trying to dance around the plot because I can’t give y’all the deets!”

Added Kevin Feige, “He deals in the dark arts, he deals in magic. We’ve had technological heroes and villains, we’ve had people with magic, we’ve never seen them at the same time.” The Hood typically likes to assemble teams of villains, so maybe he’ll bring in some more.

Ironheart will debut on Disney+ sometime next year. What do you think of Ramos as The Hood? Let us know in comments.

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