The Boys Releases a Full Scene From Soldier Boy’s Red Thunder Movie

Right now, Warner Bros. Discovery execs are thinking about shelving The Flash due to Ezra Miller’s ongoing legal troubles. But in the fictional universe of The Boys, the powers-that-be at Vought International aren’t going to let something like mass murder get in the way of their profit margins. Even after Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy went nuclear in several populated areas, the company is still trying to make money off the world’s first superhero. That’s why Vought is bringing his films back to its own streaming service, Vought++. You can view their announcement, along with a clip from Red Thunder, below.

A few seconds of Red Thunder were shown in an episode of The Boys season 3 earlier this year. But Amazon has just released a full three-minute scene from the fake movie, which supposedly hit theaters in 1983. The clip also boasts a disclaimer from Vought acknowledging Soldier Boy’s recent crimes (including the “murder” of Queen Maeve), which they blame on his radicalization by Russians during his time in captivity. Regardless, the company wants viewers to remember him as a “defender of democracy and freedom,” especially when it’s time to renew their subscriptions.

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Set during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Red Thunder found Soldier Boy sharing the screen with his fellow members of Payback. The scene features Ackles’ character at the mercy of a Russian colonel, who taunts his prisoner with news that his girlfriend, Crimson Countess, and sidekick, Gunpowder, have also been captured. However, a revelation like this probably wouldn’t faze Soldier Boy in real life. Based on what we learned about him in season 3, he likely wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help any of his teammates in the event of an actual kidnapping. But sometimes you need to put on a show for your adoring public.

All eight episodes of The Boys season 3 are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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