Neil Gaiman Shares His Breakdown of The Sandman’s Trailer

One week from today, The Sandman will debut on Netflix after decades in development Hell. Neil Gaiman wrote and created the comic book series that ran from 1989 to 1996, and it also made him a rock star in the comic industry. Gaiman is so synonymous with the comic that fans probably wouldn’t accept an adaptation without his blessing. Fortunately, Netflix has more than just Gaiman’s approval. He’s the co-showrunner on the series, and the guiding light behind this project.

Vanity Fair recently sat down with Gaiman for a breakdown of the Comic-Con trailer for the series. And he brings his perspective as both the writer of the comic and the POV of someone who wasn’t afraid to make a few changes along the way.

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In the video, Gaiman also speaks about borrowing elements from other DC comics for the original book, including the Biblical Cain and Abel. Both characters will be present in the Netflix series, as will a few other familiar faces. Gaiman also addressed the show’s gender-flipped versions of Constantine and Lucifer. But according to Gaiman, those aren’t actually gender flips at all. He contends that Lucifer has no gender, and that Johanna Constantine is distinct from John Constantine.

The Sandman will premiere on Friday, August 5 on Netflix.

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