Kamala Visits Red Dagger’s Lair in a New Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Clip

In just a few hours, Kamala Khan’s quest to unlock the mystery behind her newfound superpowers will take her all the way from Jersey City to Karachi, Pakistan. But there might be more waiting for her at the end of that 7,000-mile journey than she previously expected. Ahead of its debut later tonight, Disney+ (via Rotten Tomatoes) has premiered a new clip from Ms. Marvel episode 4, which marks the series debut of Aramis Knight as Kareem/Red Dagger. Ms. Marvel episode 4 clip

The series’ last episode ended with Kamala’s grandmother, Sana, revealing that she knows more about the origins of her mother’s bangle than she initially let on. With this, she urges Kamala and Muneeba to visit her in Pakistan’s capital city, where it seems likely that Kareem will be forced to help Kamala out of a sticky situation. Unfortunatey, we don’t get to see how they meet. But we do get a peek inside Kareem’s hideout, which appears to impress Kamala.

You can check out the new clip from the episode below.

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Additionally, the clip brings us one step closer to comic book accuracy, with Kamala finally sporting the domino mask that Bruno gave her in episode 3. The next chapter will also introduce Farhan Akhtar as Waleed, an ally of Kareem’s who can fill in some of the gaps about Kamala’s great-grandmother, Aisha.

The next episode of Ms. Marvel hits Disney+ tonight at midnight.

Are you excited to watch Kamala team up with Red Dagger? Let us know in the comment section below!

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